Past Productions List

The Wizard of OzJan. 10, 2020Jan. 19, 2020NCHS Auditorium
All Hallows Eve- Harry Potter & Skirmish at Malfoy ManorOct. 18, 2019Oct. 19, 2019Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel
TarzanJan. 11, 2019Jan. 20, 2019NCHS Auditorium
All Hallows Eve- Harry Potter and the Hidden HorcruxOct. 19, 2018Oct. 20, 2018Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel
The Little MermaidJan. 12, 2018Jan. 21, 2018NCHS Auditorium
All Hallows Eve- Escape from Gringots
Oct. 20, 2017Oct. 21, 2017Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel
SeussicalJan. 13, 2017Jan. 22, 2017NCHS Auditorium
All Hallows Eve- Potter Fate – Death by ProphecyOct. 14, 2016Oct. 15, 2016Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel
Mary PoppinsJan. 15, 2016Jan. 24, 2016NCHS Auditorium
All Hallows Eve- Harry Potter and the Battle’s BeginningOct. 16, 2015Oct. 17, 2015Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel
Peter PanJan. 16, 2015Jan. 25, 2015NCHS Auditorium
All Hallows Eve- Harry Potter: Prophecy RevealedOct. 17, 2014Oct. 18, 2014Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel
ShrekJan. 17, 2014Jan. 26, 2014NCHS Auditorium
Snow WhiteSept. 7, 2013Sept. 15, 2013NCHS Little Theatre
OliverJan. 18, 2013Jan. 27, 2013NCHS Auditorium
All Hallows Eve- Harry Potter and the Riddles RevengeOct. 19, 2012Oct. 20, 2012Naper Settlement’s Century Memorial Chapel
Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy Fairy TaleSept. 7, 2012Sept. 16, 2012NCHS Little Theatre
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatJan. 20, 2012Jan. 29, 2012NCHS Auditorium
Winnie the PoohSept. 16, 2011Sept. 18, 2011NCHS Little Theatre
Aladdin Jr.Jan. 14, 2011Jan. 16, 2011NNHS Auditorium
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate FactoryJan. 8, 2010Jan. 24, 2010NCHS Auditorium
CinderellaJan. 9, 2009Jan. 24, 2009NCHS Auditorium
Jungle BookSept. 12, 2008Sept. 21, 2008NCHS Little Theatre
Bye Bye BirdieJan. 18, 2008Jan. 27, 2008NCHS Auditorium
Charlotte's WebSept. 21, 2007Sept. 30, 2007NCHS Little Theatre
The Wizard of OzJan. 12, 2007Jan. 29, 2007NCHS Auditorium
CinderellaSept. 2006Sept. 2006NCHS Little Theatre
Beauty and the BeastJan. 13, 2006Jan. 29, 2006NCHS Auditorium
Alice in WonderlandSept. 23, 2005Oct. 2, 2005NCHS Little Theatre
SeussicalJan. 21, 2005Feb. 6, 2005NCHS Auditorium
Snow WhiteSept. 2004Sept. 2004NCHS Little Theatre
Music ManJan. 2004Feb. 2004NCHS Auditorium
PinocchioSept. 2003Sept. 2003NCHS Little Theatre
The King and IJan. 17, 2003Feb. 2, 2003NCHS Auditorium
Peter PanJan. 2002Feb. 2002NCHS Auditorium
OliverJan. 19, 2001Feb. 4, 2001NCHS Auditorium
Legend of Sleeping BeautyJan. 21, 2000Jan. 30, 2000NCHS Auditorium
Tom SawyerOct. 15, 1999Oct. 24, 1999NCHS Little Theatre
Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryJan. 22, 1999Jan. 31, 1999NCHS Auditorium
Velveteen RabbitMarch 1998April 1998NCHS Little Theatre
The Wizard of OzJan. 23, 1998Feb. 1, 1998NCHS Auditorium
Shakespeare a la ModemApril 11, 1997April 20, 1997NCHS Little Theatre
Fisherman & His Wife/Jack & the GiantJuly 25, 1996 Aug. 3, 1996NCHS Little Theatre
Raggedy Ann and AndyApril 12, 1996April 21, 1996NCHS Little Theatre
The Sorcerer's ApprenticeMarch 31, 1995April 9, 1995NCHS Little Theatre
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