Mary Poppins

“Winds in the East, there’s a mist coming in, Like Something is brewin’ and ‘bout to begin.” Bert, from Mary Poppins

The Banks family, a family fraught with frustrations, is touched by the cool and confident Mary Poppins. Together they traverse adversity and adventures to rediscover the magic of their love for one another. Rich with images of this magical and mysterious nanny, Mary Poppins, our story joins the 1910 Edwardian Era of societal priorities with the fanciful adventures only Mary Poppins can create.  London and its parks come alive, day and night, from bankers to birds our story touches a note of familiarity for all ages.



January 15 (Friday) 7:30pm

January 16 (Saturday) 2:00pm

January 16 (Saturday) 7:30pm

January 17 (Sunday) 2:00pm


January 22 (Friday) 7:30pm

January 23 (Saturday) 2:00pm

January 23 (Saturday) 7:30pm

January 24 (Sunday) 2:00pm

January 2016
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*A sign language interpreter will be present at this performances. (Saturday, January 16, 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, January 24, 2:00 p.m.)


Performances are at Naperville Central High School Auditorium.

440 West Aurora Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540

The Auditorium is located at the north west end of the building near the intersection of Aurora Ave and West St.

Ticket Information

Tickets are available through the Naperville Park District. To reserve tickets, call the park district at 630-848-5000 or order on-line at

Adults pay the same as children.
All tickets are $10 in advance when purchased through 5pm on the Thursday prior to that weekends’ performances or $12 at the door.

Production Team

Producer: Melissa Matthews

Director: Kris Visher

Assistant Director: Melissa Matthews

Musical Director: John Apple

Choreographers: Jeanne O’Connell, Avery Sipla, Leigh Apple

Production Manager: Timothy Ray

Scenic Designer: Chris Wych

Lighting Designer: Bob Haddleton

Costume Coordinator: Emily Walker

Sound Designer: Marty Lick

Technical Director: Joe Pietrie

Stage Manager: Timothy Ray



Mary Poppins Wrap-Up

Mary Poppins has come and gone.  Thank you for coming to see the show and being a part of the many sold out performances.  The entire company enjoyed every moment.  If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the show, please add Magical Starlight Theatre to your calendar for January 2017.  Stay tuned […]


Mary Poppins in the news

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Mary Poppins- Tickets

Tickets are now available for purchase through the Naperville Park District website or by phone (630-848-5000).